Live Free or Die

The cat is out of the bag – Oracle buys Sun. Why this matters? For many reasons, but all of them boil down to one – freedom. Before I am accused of being marxist, a disclaimer – I competely disagree with this comment:

And this may be a reason why the feds should reject this acquisition because Oracle will become as much a monopoly in the db space as Windows is in the operating system space.

No, no, no and no. Nonsense. Government has no business in the economy. Government is not an economic entity. Leave the market alone. And just like government should not be in business of breaking down monopolies, it should not be in business of granting them, either.

OK, back to original topic – what does this mean? Well, there is really only one truly free player left in the enterprise DB arena – PostgreSQL. As recent economic development around the world shows, the current market atmosphere is highly toxic. It is becoming increasingly difficult to remain free from both government financial manipulation and hyper-regulation as well as corporate lock-in attempts. And when the two are combined, one ends up with corporatism, which in it’s worst incarnation has degenerated in fascism. What is common to these entities is that they emit a luring “siren call” promising ever increasing benefits if only we couple our destiny to their product line or economic plan. Initially, the illusion appears to instantly work – that’s why it’s so easy to sell. One can conveniently implement a desired software functionality by using proprietary technology or buy a truck load of gadgets with non-existent, easy-credit money. But, as any other illusion, this one comes to an end soon, too. And as one reader comments:

I personally don’t like spending $60,000 on a license for my software, PLUS a $40,000 service contract. Do you? That’s Oracle. Locks you into their technology silos, and then starts the million cuts that will bleed you dry.

Knowing Oracle, MySQL shall probably be killed or turned into something that does not conflict and/or detract from the Oracle DB user existing or potential base. Poor MySQL users, I feel sorry for them. But the boys from Finland cashed their rewards and took off, leaving it’s faithful followers at the mercy of sharks. There’s a lesson to be learned – don’t trust the corporations and governments. Do honest business with everyone, but keep your options wide opened lest you end up locked-in (or locked-up).

As for all those MySQL users, my advice is: consider switching PostgreSQL. It always was a better choice than MySQL, it still is and, very likely, it will remain so. Java users? Let’s wait and see. In the meantime, I’ll put my long-term investment into good old C++. Why? I know, I know. It’s old. It’s big. It’s crappy. But it still does the job. And it’s not owned by anyone.

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