Let’s Re-establish Slavery

We’ve been working on POCO 1.3.4 release recently. Well, my friend Günter is, I’m kindof helping a bit here and there. Anyway, we used to have a nice, warning-free compiling code. But, alas, there’s a herd of GNUs that did not like us compiling warning-clean, so they decided to randomly sprinkle some nonsensical warnings throughout the compiler. Anyway, long story short, if you had a piece of perfectly legal, standard, logical and non-ambiguous piece of code like this

if (a && b || c) blah();

the infinitely wise g++, in its 4.3.2 reincarnation shall now loudly and obnoxiously recommend that you reconsider your ways and clarify your intentions by adding a healthy measure of parentheses. Lisp nostalgia or something else? Sigh.
Recently, Günter has brilliantly clarified how it sucks to be rms. Bravo! With all due respect to Mr. Stallman, he is sadly mistaken, unrealistic and unreasonable in his extremism. I mean, true freedom should include freedom to choose not to be free, shouldn’t it? Which brings me to the (intentionally controversial) topic. No, I have not lost it. Things are tough in the world nowadays. There are some voices of reason, but for the most part, unless something changes drastically, we are freaking doomed to years of economic hardship, taxes and the accompanying loss of freedom.
Which is what drives the issue home. If you think it’s crazy, think again. In Roman Empire, (nominally) free people used to sell themselves to slavery to avoid the unbearable burden of taxation. So, this is a call to all democratic governments around the world to give their subjects way out and re-establish slavery.

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