President Obama in Bollywood

Wednesday, March 21 2029

Bollywood, Al-Mumbai, Pakindustan

While visiting Bollywood, Eternal President of the United States of Northeast America, Hussein Obama met with representatives of the Taliban government. Pakindustan leaders have assured Mr. Obama of their intentions to support the efforts of the United States to recover from economic difficulties by providing much needed reprogramming of disputed financial obligations. United States, in turn, shall boost its agricultural production by means of aggressive subsidies aimed at return to traditional means of production. “Through government programs of  returning to pitchforks and horse-powered plows, we expect to contribute to the environmental preservation while dramatically boosting the employment,” said Eternal President.  “It is obvious that more people will be employed if we use pitchforks instead of automated machinery. Additionally, animal care and booming environment-friendly dung-processing industry shall provide much needed increase in employment and GDP thus making us capable to respond to the challenges of our financial obligations,” he added.

Pakindustan leaders took this opportunity to express their concern about alleged violations of freedom of speech and  human rights in the USNA. Eternal President assured the Taliban representatives that the measures currently in place are only “temporary efforts aimed at conquering the runaway economy.  North American people are strong, united and hopeful. We have hope we can change and we shall overcome this crisis come hell or high inflation.” When asked whether so called ‘quantitative easing’, which has become official USNA financial policy in the last couple of decades, is contributing to the inflation, Eternal President noted that “explanations are entirely unnecessary, since everyone who ever went to the bathroom has the first-hand understaning of the benefits of quantitative easing and the associated paper-fetish.”

At the later meeting with press regarding his appearance in the upcoming highly-anticipated biographical movie “The Aura of Hope”, Eternal President has denied the widely speculated possibility that his aura originates from years of exposure to radiation of energy-efficient nuclear lightbulbs installed in the Oval Office as part of the economic stimulus campaign. “My fluorescent aura is the direct consequence of the ongoing transcedental spiritual processes in my brain which, in turn, is caused by extremely high level of care for humanity. Moreover, the aura is a guarantee that the hope for change is alive and well.”

Chinese government did not comment on Mr. Obama’s Bollywood visit. We remind that the relations between China and USNA have been severely strained since USNA has failed to fulfill its financial obligations couple of decades ago. In the past, in addition to repeated concerns about human rights violations, the Chinese have repeatedly accused USNA to put too much emphasis on media and show business while their economy struggles and financial obligations mount.

From Al-Mumbai, Pakindustan for Bool Shift

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